Hillside Kids Child Dedication


“Children are a heritage from the Lord…” –Psalm 127

 Dedicating a child to the Lord is a solemn act for parents.  It means they understand that their child’s life began from God and belongs to Him (Psalm 139).  Parents embrace the truth that children are “a heritage from the Lord” (Psalm 127).  They also take confidence that Jesus regularly and deliberately blessed children when He was among them (Mark 10:13-16 and wants to bless their child too.

A child dedication is a moment for both God in heaven and the believers on earth to anoint a child with their prayers.  Each child still must grow up and believe on Christ, but he or she begins that journey toward faith with the prayers of God’s people and the grace of Christ.

Lastly, a child dedication is a “family affair.”  It binds the family of God together with promises to each other about the care and nurture of each child.  It’s an important blessing for everyone.


The dedication has three parts:

  1. The parents publicly commit themselves to Christ for the raising up of their child.

  2. The church family commits themselves to do their part in each child’s life.

  3. We pray for each child and commit him or her to the grace of the Lord Jesus.

And will you, under God and the authority of His Scriptures:

  • raise your child in the reverence, training and instruction of the Lord?

  • dedicate yourselves to show your child how to love and worship Christ?

  • teach your child to study and know God’s Word?

  • teach your child to pray?

  • instruct your child in the reality and meaning of sin?

  • discipline your child’s errors?

  • model faithfulness to Christ and His Church?

  • and urge your child toward Christ, praying earnestly for their conversion by God’s grace?

  • Hillside Congregation,

    Will those of you witnessing this dedication pledge yourselves to

    this family as their church fellowship – to encourage them as the parents, provide caring environments of worship, instruction, discipleship and ministry for their family, and to pray faithfully for each of them, especially for the salvation of these children?  


    We Close with Prayer:

    Lastly, there is a prayer for each child, with the laying on of hands, entrusting him or her into the hands of Jesus.

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Upcoming Child Dedications:

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